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Additional Features

The fundamental components of a deck are the foundation, the frame, the decking, and the railing.  These essential elements are all that is necessary for a beautiful and completely functional deck.  There are other features, however, that can add to the character of decks.  Our skilled deck builders can integrate benches, planter boxes, storage containers, and lighting.

Deck Benches FeaturesBuilt in benches are a great way to provide additional seating, as well as adding character. Benches are most popular on decks that are close to the ground, but can be integrated nicely into elevated decks as well. On lower decks, benches can outline the perimeter of the structure and give definition as well as privacy in some situations.

Deck that Features Planter BoxesPlanter boxes are a great way to accent your deck with flowers, shrubs, or other plants. We build custom planter boxes that fit the style of the structure. We typically build the custom box to fit a plastic planter container that can be easily removed for replanting or replacement.

Azek Deck Storage FeaturesStorage seems to be always in demand. Seat cushions, covers, umbrellas, toys, and more should not clutter the surface of your deck. Deck boxes are one solution, but these take up valuable square footage. Custom storage solutions, such as Azek’s Storage Kit utilizes otherwise wasted space.  These storage solutions are built in to the structure itself and so require planning at the time of construction.

Trex Deck Lighting FeaturesLighting is a great way to make your deck stand out. It provides better visibility and amazing ambiance. There are a number of different options for lighting, including: post cap lights, rail lights, riser lights, and inset button lights.


Custom Deck Builders – Custom Decks

Homeowners sometimes have unique ideas for their decks that fit their own specific need. JMJ is happy to include any custom features into the construction of a deck. If you can imagine it, we can help bring it to reality.

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